Jeanette Douglas Designs

Jeannette Douglas Designs is a counted thread needlework design company based in Calgary, Alberta. 

After her Wordpress website was crashed, we worked together to transfer everything over to Squarespace. She wanted her website to function mainly as a way to showcase her new designs, as well as feature her blog. In addition to setting up her new website, I also photographed some stock photography that could be featured on her website.

Kensington Commons Church

Every year, Kensington Commons Church produces a journal for their congregation of 800+ members. The journal acts as an outline for the year, which lays out each of the sermon topics for the year as well as a space to take notes for each Sunday. It also contains lots of information about the church, such as programs, kid's areas and volunteer opportunities. 

In this collaboration, my responsibility was to refresh the layout that had been used for previous years, select the photography and lay out the text and images provided.

My New Neighbour

My New Neighbour is an ethical shopping blog started by Shelby and Teagan. These two started this blog in an attempt to begin "a dialogue about the lives of the people and places we carry with us through every garment we purchase".

They are constantly showcasing products from companies they believe to be doing good in the world. One of those companies is Krochet Kids International, who exists to empower people to rise above poverty. They have a variety of hand-made products, created by women in vulnerable situations. We got together to photograph some Krochet Kids pieces that they could use for their blog.

New Heights School

New Heights School & Learning Services "provide(s) a nurturing environment for children with autism spectrum disorder through educational programming and home and community support for preschool-aged children to young adults."

They were in the midst of creating a new brochure for 2017 and were looking for photos of the in-home sessions. They were looking for photos that really focused on the relationships/emotional bonds between the parents and children as well as the staff and families.