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Hey there!

Welcome to my humble internet abode! I'm so glad you're here.

I know what it’s like to own a creative small business... it’s hard. There are so many hats to wear and it’s easy to get overwhelmed.

Since graduating from Mount Royal University from the Information Design program four years ago, I've been working with small business owners who know they need great graphic design, but don't know where to start. 

When it comes to your website, your logo, or your overall visual brand, I’m here to help. I can't wait to work together to develop great visual content and ultimately, get you back to doing what you do best: creating.


Interested in a specific project but don't see it below? Or maybe you have ongoing projects but don't have an in-house designer?
Please contact me so we can chat some more!  

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I would love to hear from you to set up a free consultation and provide you with a quote for your project.

Use the contact form or send a message to and I promise to get back to
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*Due to my not-so-secret other life as a wedding photographer, I take on a limited number of projects throughout the summer season* 


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